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Our home brewery

Apple ranger beer

Beer is a piece of the Bavarian way of life. Here in Apfeltrang we live the beer theme.

Since the spring of 2006, beer has been brewed in our small brewery in Apfeltrang. It was a fixed idea, the scope of which could not be foreseen at first, and it did not happen on a beer whim, nor were we dissatisfied with our old beer suppliers.
No – it was the thrill of building something completely new. Our own distinctive beer underlines the individual touch of our cuisine and is not only offered to our guests in Apfeltrang.

With our new brewing equipment, the original is also available to go: For a bit of apple strand at home, our beers are available in 5 l party kegs, the 1 and 2 l siphon bottles or the practical 6-pack.

Beer seminars

Here you will get an introduction to the art of brewing and experience the Bavarian tradition and way of life, especially on the subject of beer.

Experience brewing culture

Experience firsthand how we handcraft beer in our home brewery. Learn how the different types of hops and malts influence the taste of a beer. Be there during the mashing and the lautering of the mash. After that, beer wort is boiled and the beer goes to the fermentation cellar after cooling.

Enjoy Apfeltranger beer

Of course, our beer will also be tasted.
Part of the seminars is a subsequent 3-course meal with the previously experienced Apfeltranger beers.

Our home brewery

Our home brewery in the Schalander
started small and underwent a complete upgrade in 2020. Beautifully, it now stands at the head of the shawl and shapes the atmosphere of the room. The new brewing plant opens up completely new ways of brewing for us. Now it is possible to take Apfeltranger beer in bottles and party kegs.


Apple ranger beer

Curious now?

Learn more in one of our beer seminars at Schalander.

Harry brewmaster and all-rounder for all technical matters

"In our brewery, we brew about two brews every week. My passion is playing with the ingredients. The main focus is on keeping the quality and taste of the Apfeltranger beer consistent. We want to keep the tradition and still expand our assortment. For this reason, we brew seasonal specialties in addition to our standard varieties."

The beer garden

What would a country inn that brews its own beer be without a proper beer garden?

Right next to the Schalander, under the arcades and the old chestnut tree, you can experience conviviality.

One theory

We have our own theory about the creation story, which is visibly displayed on the wall of the shalander. After an Apfeltranger beer or two and a few Apierli, our house-created beer liqueur, you can certainly discuss the topic in depth. This opens up a completely new perspective on this story.

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