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Apfeltranger Bier

In spring 2006 we started to make beer here in our Landgasthof; and we brew it in accordance with the strict purity regulations of Bavarian beer.  This is the perfect harmony of superior hospitality, the delights of our cuisine and a very special beer – the art of living reflecting our style in a unique, distinctive way. The beers brewed in Apfeltrang have their own individual note.

We recommend you to discover our beer and lots of other things here at site. Why not enjoy a guided tour to our brewery, a brewing course where you can experience the process of brewing beer, or a complete meal with our delicious Apfeltrang beer, maybe in company?

Contact us; we are looking forward to welcoming you here.


Brewing course:

Get a very close experience of how we brew our beer in our in-house brewery in traditional craftsmanship. Join a course to get your own live impression of mashing, lautering and then comes the boiling process; after that the beer is chilled in the wort chiller.  Old brewing terms like „lautering“ or „sparging“ will become a practical experience for you. After mashing we invite you to the traditional Bavarian before-noon snack: Weißwürste (veal sausages) with a glass (or two) of Apfeltrang beer or wheat bear. A brewing course is the ideal present for your boyfriend or husband – upon request we will issue a gift voucher for you.

For more information about our beer and our brewery please click on www.apfeltranger-bier.de  (only in German version)


3 nights in double room with delicious breakfast buffet


3 times half-board


Brewing course


1 „Weißwurstfrühstück“ , a traditional Bavarian meal with 

   veal sausages, special mustard and pretzels


Package price for 3 nights in double room
Surcharge for single room

1 night more in double room (incl. half-board)

169,-- € per person
10,-- € per night   
46,50 € per person

Same offer  as above , but only 2 nights and half-board 

125,-- € per person

Do you have question or would you like to book? Please send us a mail or call us:



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