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About us

Thomas Petrich  did his apprenticeship as a cook in the restaurant Löwen in Oy and passed the examination with excellence. 1994 he passed the examination as maître de cuisine  with the grade 1 (very good). He gathered experience in his job in Goldener Hirsch, Obergünzburg and the star-rated restaurant Bareiss in Baiersronn. In the Hubertus Thomas is the manager of the complete kitchen team.
Bettina Petrich is a trained cook as well, she completed her professional training at the hotel management school in Bad Wörishofen and is administrative hotel manager. Bettina manages in the background - beside all the logistic tasks she is in charge of service.

Please find below some historic details on Landgasthof Hubertus:
In the year 1938 the couple Petrich bought the premises, where Willibald Petrich worked as a master carpenter for years. In the years after the war his wife Franziska set up a small shop where she sold bread and beer of  Ulmer Münster brewery.
Enthusiasm for cooking and the pleasure in being with people finally made them expand the existing shop to a small tavern. The hobby of the husband – hunting – was the trigger for the name of the inn. This is why the opening took place on the day of the patron saint of the hunters, Hubertus, on November 3, 1955. Venison has been the speciality of the restaurant for years. In 1965 the bowling alley was built.

When their son Richard and his wife Roswitha took over in 1970 they converted the workshop to a guest room as well. In addition a second bowling alley was built.  Anmerkung der Übers.: Fehler dt. Version: Außerdem wurde eine Zweite Kegelbahn angebaut.
After take-over of the family business by son Thomas and his wife Bettina all the restaurant rooms, bowling alleys and hotel rooms were renovated and redesigned in country house style.
For five decades the Petrich family has been eager to make their guests feel at home here in the Allgäu and this their target for the future as well.

Thomas Petrich cooking for a local TV station




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